Senate approves law creating self-control for rural producers; critical entity

The new format modifies the agricultural inspection law, allowing information previously controlled by state agencies to be collected from companies or individuals.

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Agribusiness is the fastest growing sector in Brazil

O Federal Senate passed a bill that allows rural producers to perform self-inspection of their goods. The new format modifies the agricultural inspection law, allowing information, previously controlled by state agencies, to now be collected by companies or individuals. Later, they can be sent to the federal government. The project determines that Ministry of Agriculture and the bodies that make up Unified Agricultural Health Care System (Suasa) may accredit companies or individuals to provide technical inspection services. The information provided will range from the receiving and receiving of the raw material to the delivery of the final product. The Ministry of Agriculture has already positioned itself in favor of the project. On the note, National Union of Agricultural Inspectors criticized the proposal. “By allowing private professionals to act in typical state actions without restriction, in practice the project transfers to the private sector the task of self-monitoring and makes it difficult to identify and punish fraudsters in the case of product adultery,” he says. . Since the proposal has been previously approved by the House, it goes to presidential assent.

*With information from journalist João Vitor Rocha

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