Senator Jean files another impeachment motion against Bolsonaro

Senator Jean (PT/RN), Senate Minority Leader, filed the 146th impeachment motion Jair Bolsonaro. This time the request is based on the fact that the president would have “collected and publicly promoted, frivolously and trivially, anti-democratic acts on September 7.“. In addition, the document accuses Bolsonaro ofbehaving disrespectfully towards STF and TSE magistrates“.

The impeachment request cites Jair Bolsonaro’s statements during the Liberal Party convention held in Rio de Janeiro on July 24 – “I call on all of you now that on September 7, everyone will take to the streets for the last time. Let’s hit the road one last time! These deaf few in the black cape must understand what is the voice of the people“. The speech, reported by most Brazilian media, according to the document, urged supporters to attack the democratic regime on the occasion of the upcoming September 7 commemorations and made new attacks against the judiciary.

Senator Jean says the president’s stances are an attack on democracy. “It has nothing to do with the power of expression or freedom of thought. The President of the Republic is and must act as the greatest representative of our democracy. Bolsonaro knows the power he has as president and uses it to incite people against the institutions and against the democratic regime. this is criminal“, he declared.

The request is the second submitted by the minority leader only in the month of July.

It is not because Arthur Lira (Progressives/AL) refuses to proceed with these demands that we must drop them. Every time Bolsonaro attacks democracy or the position he holds, I will make a new request. Arthur Lira’s drawer will be heavy, but he will have to explain himself with history in a very short time” said Jean.

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