Seniors get married after 60 years of life together. Forbidden love

Two elderly people who had forbidden love finally got married after 60 years. Gerli María dos Santos, 73, and Jose Araruna, 75, realized their dream in Belo Horizonte thanks to the Public Defender of Minas Gerais.

Their love story seems like a soap opera. Guerli, from a poor family living in a favela, was not accepted by Jose’s relatives. But the groom, in love, kicked his foot. The two faced resistance and have now made their union official as husband and wife.

Gerli and Jose participated in the community wedding in their image. she in a beautiful wedding dress with a plunging neckline, he in an extremely elegant suit.

the beginning of everything

It all started when Jose, who worked in front of the house where Guerli lived with her parents, fell in love with the girl.

Every time he passes by, he makes his famous “wink” in an attempt to attract the girl.

But she was tough in the fall and didn’t give a damn about flirting.

“Sometimes I was sweeping the sidewalk, he was messing with me… I frowned at that time,” said the daughter-in-law.

reckless program

Realizing that Gurley would not give in to his flirtations, Jose came up with a foolproof plan in the mid-1960s.

At the age of 15, he went to Gurley’s house and when he discovered that his lover’s father had a faulty accordion, the man offered to fix it. The scene surprised the girl.

At that moment, he won the sympathy of his father-in-law and took the opportunity to request…

“One day I came home from school and saw Jose at home and I thought: what is this man doing here at home? And my father most casually… he took advantage and asked for my hand in marriage in the presence of my parents,” Gerli said.

The relationship worked out very well, and the two saw each other once a week, but under certain conditions: from 19:30 to 22:00 and always in front of the girl’s parents.

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lived in a favela

Despite their love, there was an obstacle. Joseph’s family resistance.

“His mother never took it well. We broke up once because he wouldn’t let her date me, mostly because we lived in a favela,” Gerli lamented.

The woman also told that her family has always been very hardworking. According to him, he was taught to value studies and work.

Even after a relationship ends, love never stops.

Gerli and Jose continued to talk through letters sent from him through his wife’s brother.

Gerli’s mother eventually found out, and so that the girl’s father would not get angry, she began to deliver Jose’s letters to her daughter.

Nice to see how they never gave up, huh?

The mother-in-law was an ally

They even tried before, but since they were minors, Jose’s mother didn’t allow it. However, what mattered to both of them was that they were “blessed by God” and loved each other.

Jose’s mother-in-law was a great ally for the two, it was with her help that the couple managed to buy their first home there. They moved in and Gurley became pregnant with their first child.

“We tried to put a piece of paper so that he could run, but his mother kept going and obstructing him. It ended up that later we even thought about making it official, but I gave up. Everything was already right, living together, with children,” explained the girl.

Finally, after 60 years, the two seniors got married and were able to celebrate their endless love. May you have many more years of marriage, you deserve it Gurley and Jose, congratulations for not giving up.

nursing home

Other captains like Gurley and Jose also deserve to be happy. At least 30 of them, who were living in vulnerable situations, were welcomed by 45-year-old Francisca Vlavia Ferreira, a woman from Ceará who dedicates her life to caring for her grandparents.

The caretaker rented a house a year ago and named the place “Lar Cuidar Mais”. Today, she is struggling to maintain the house, but she ensures that the elderly do not lack food or health.

Crowdfunding is open to help the grandparents of Lar Cuidar Mais.

donate for PIX atendimento-mais@sovaquinhaboa.com.br:

Or by credit card and payment slip on the Só Vaquinha Boa website.

The married elderly man started dating when Jose was 15 years old, he approached the girl while fixing his father’s accordion. Photo: Reproduction/Daniela Araruna/Personal Archive.

Now, marriage paper in hand, the two are showing off the awaited document for more than 6 decades.  Photo: Playback/TV Globo.

Now, marriage paper in hand, the two are showing off the awaited document for more than 6 decades. Photo: Playback/TV Globo.

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