Sensitive and necessary, the Brazilian film from Netflix to believe in miracles

“Depois do Universo”, a teenage novel by Diego Freitas and a screenplay by Rodrigo Azevedo and João Côrtes, is a modern adventure set in São Paulo and tells the story of Nina (Giulia Be), a young pianist who sees her career staggered when she received the news that she would have to have a kidney transplant and in the meantime undergo dialysis treatments. Pessimistic about having lived most of her life with lupus, Nina meets resident doctor Gabriel (Henrique Zaga) at the train station and meets him again at the office. The two approach and fall in love.

Gabriel is the opposite of Nina. Doctor, lucky and always sees life as half glass. He helps her face the disease with greater optimism and not give up her dream of becoming a member of the Symphony Orchestra. Filled with the cheesiest clichés of Hollywood novels, “After the Universe” knows the exact recipe to capture and captivate the most sentimental and passionate viewers and is the perfect alternative for those looking for a little lightness, romance and entertainment.

The character Yuri (Leo Bahia), a gay friend who shares an apartment and house with Gabriel, is responsible for the funniest moments in the film, but sometimes he stumbles into a caricature or derogatory figure of the gay friend and walks the fine line . between the fun and the silly

“After the Universe” stands out for its spatial photography, filled with neon lights, which reveals an aura of magic in the most ordinary places, such as the hospital dispensary, where Nina practices on an old abandoned piano, and in the Kommuneteatret, which appears more majestic and almost enchanted.

The soundtrack, made up of national and international hits, sets the pace of the romance between Nina and Gabriel, leading the viewer’s emotions to their most sensitive side in the most delicate moments.

The film shows that commercial national cinema is improving, especially in technical matters such as sound recording, which has always been a bit precarious in Brazil due to professional devaluation, and which is better suited to Hollywood standards. This has its positive and negative sides. If on the one hand it develops, on the other hand it loses a bit of its identity. “After the Universe” is a comfort movie that will go down well on your weekend afternoon.

Movie: according to the universe
Direction: Diego Freitas
Year: 2022
Genre: Romance
Note: 7/10

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