SES DF competition. 1750 vacancies for the middle level; know more!

SES DF tender (Federal District Health Department) may be published soon. The measure should offer 1,750 job vacancies with a high school education.

there will be vacancies for the charge Public Health Management and Support Technician. Of the mentioned opportunities, 50 vacancies will be filled immediately, and 1700 will be reserved for reserve registration.

It is important to note that the position only requires a complete secondary education from an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education. Salary will correspond to R$ 1698.45 for 20 hours per week.

The responsibility of the Public Health Management and Support Technician is to carry out operations of an operational nature and similar activities at a level of complexity defined by specific legislation, under direction and supervision.

Vacancies SES DF competition for higher level

The competition has yet to offer vacancies higher level. In this case, the role of the analyst Management and Public Health Assistance offers 2252 vacancies. For that, it is necessary to have a higher education in specific fields not yet determined.

The starting salary for analysts is 1,735.50 rials for 20 hours of work per week and 3,471 rials for 40 hours. The organizing committee of the election is Consulpam Institute. The company will receive bids and conduct the selection rounds. Although the deadlines for the new notification have not yet been announced, the tender has been confirmed for 2023.

Other events planned

Oh CREFITO 12 competition (Regional Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy of the 12th Marz) should come out in the coming days. The body includes the following states: Amapa, Tocantins, Amazonas, Pará and Roraima. The announcement was made this Monday, March 6, through the Official Gazette.

The event was chosen by the organizing bank. This time, Instituto Consulplan will be the company responsible for facilitating the application and selection stages. The details of the positions and vacancies are not yet announced.

When was the last CREFITO 12 competition?

The competition was last held in 2016, when there were 216 bids. possibilities for reserve registration and 17 immediate vacancies. At that time, the salaries paid to the approved ranged from 965.87 roubles to 2855.72 roubles.

The distribution of vacancies was as follows:

  • Basic level.
    • Operator – 09 CR
    • General Services – 01 + 09 CR
  • average level:
    • Administrative Assistant – 07 + 45 CR
    • Driver – 09 CR
    • File Assistant – 01 + 09 CR
    • Receptionist – 09 CR
  • A higher level:
    • Journalist – 01 + 09 KR
    • Counter – 01 + 09 CR
    • Superintendent of Educational Therapy – 01 + 45 CR
    • Administrator – 01 + 09 CR
    • Physiotherapy – 03 + 45 CR
    • Advocate – 01 + 09 CR

The event had an objective test for all posts and an assessment of qualifications only for higher education.

Prediction contests

The diplomat contest may publish an announcement in the coming months. The information was published this Monday, March 6, through the Official Gazette.

A total of 30 vacancies will remain for the third secretary. The document also provided details on the steps.

  • Stage 1: objective evidence;
  • Stage 2: Written tests (Portuguese and English)
  • Stage 3: Written tests (Brazilian history, international politics, geography, economy, law, Spanish and French).

In the announcement, it was also clearly mentioned about the discipline that will be imposed. Are they?

  • Portuguese language;
  • History of Brazil;
  • world history
  • Geography:
  • English language
  • International politics
  • economy; It is
  • Correct.

How did the last Diplomat competition go?

Last: competition Diplomata was held in 2022 and was organized by banking Iades. There were a total of 34 vacancies for the post of Third Secretary.

The assessment was conducted in three phases (objective tests, written tests in Portuguese and English, in addition to written tests on Brazil, international politics and Spanish and French languages). Applicants must have a university degree. Those confirmed received R$19,199.96 in remuneration.

Other pending notifications

Oh TJ BA competition (Court of Justice of Bahia) took another step towards the long-awaited announcement. With the promotion, the event won’t take long to come out.

Agreement with the bank ( FCC:) became public. It is expected that around 90,000 registrations will be received. Those interested in the election will be evaluated by an objective and discursive test.

The tender is expected to be issued in the first half of 2023. Vacancies are provided Forensic analyst-court official is for Forensic technicians.

According to the 2023 Annual Budget Law (LOA), BRL 7,903.67 is expected to be provided to the state judiciary.

Vacancies TJ BA Competition

According to the latest survey provided by TJ BA’s Transparency Portal, the body has no vacancies in the staff.

However, taking into account the data of the Association of Bailiffs Assessors of Bahia (AOJUS-BA), in which the public notice was collected in March of last year, there are 892 vacancies for bailiffs.


TJ’s servers BA: has achievements depending on assigned function and education. The transparency portal presents the following data:

Legal analyst.

  • Initial: BRL 6,111.82
  • Final: BRL 10,291.59

Court technician.

  • Initial: BRL 3,725.10
  • Final: BRL 6,272.61

In addition to the above income, civil servants are also entitled to a food allowance of R$1100.00 and a transport allowance.

Requirements also depend on each career. Being them.

  • Judicial Analyst / Underwriter – Judicial Sector – Legal Profession.
    Graduate Diploma in Law.
  • Legal analyst – Territory Administrative. Higher level undergraduate graduate diploma in any field of training.
  • Forensic analyst – Specialized support area – Department. Completion of Higher Postgraduate Diploma in Management and registration with the Regional Management Council.
  • Forensic analyst – Specialized support area – accounting. Completion of a post-graduate course in Accounting and registration with the Regional Accounting Board.
  • Judicial Technician / Clerk – Judicial Area. High school course completion certificate.
  • Court technician – Administrative area. High school course completion certificate.
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