Severe weather.  Strong thunderstorms in NRW.  Fire brigades are in continuous useWorld News 

Severe weather. Strong thunderstorms in NRW. Fire brigades are in continuous use

Strong thunderstorms in NRW – fire brigades are constantly operating

The use of the Cologne fire brigade after the storm. Photo by Thomas Bannier / dpa

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The German Meteorological Service warns of a thunderstorm in North Rhine-Westphalia, causing flooding of streets, basements and fallen trees. The fire brigade is in constant operation.

Heavy rain and wind gusts swept across North Rhine-Westphalia on Thursday evening, leaving some traces.

In some cities, firefighters were constantly used, for example, because of fallen trees, flooded basements and streets. Due to the aftermath of the storm, the Deutsche Bahn was closed and routes were closed. The German Meteorological Service warned of heavy rain on the thunderstorm front.

The phones of the Baerl district in Duisburg were broken, the fire service reports. The arrival of the fire brigade may take some time in case of actions that do not pose a danger to people, it is said. As of 22 o’clock in the evening, more than 600 actions related to the storm were registered. There are a number of fallen trees, the streets and basements are flooded. Firefighters rescued three people who were overturned by a boat on the Ruhr.

The oak was split by lightning

At Harjan Mülheim / Ruhr, an oak tree about 20 meters high was probably broken by lightning. Half of the tree fell on the two-story house and damaged the roof. A car was buried near the tree. People were not injured.

The entire fire brigade in Krefeld was constantly used due to the storm, “it will probably still be on Friday,” the spokesman said. He praised the people of Krefeld. Many citizens began to cut down smaller trees and branches from their own streets. Streets and many basements were flooded in the city. Trees also fell on the Krefeld-Merbush train route, which was temporarily blocked due to it.

There was also a tree on the railway line between Gronau and Enschede. The department was closed, trains were waiting at the stations, as DB Regio wrote. There are delays և partial cancellations. There were also disruptions at the S-Bahn between Bergisch Gladbach and Dusseldorf Airport.

The fire brigade in Cologne announced 32 actions via Twitter. Trees had fallen there as well.

In Bottrop, a strong thunderstorm moved from the south to the whole city at around 7 pm, with heavy rain and strong gusts of wind. The fire-rescuers announced that they had been called to several actions because of the fallen trees. In Oberhausen, three cars were damaged by fallen trees, the fire brigade reports.


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