Severed Steel for free on the Epic Games Store!

Epic Games Store has prepared another free game. This time it’s the turn of a futuristic first-person shooter that combines destructible environments and a spectacular stunt system.

The Epic Games Store is offering another freebie to its users. This time it’s a futuristic single-player FPS with non-obvious graphics, which is characterized by an interesting acrobatics system.

Photo. Epic Games Store

I speak of course cut steel. It’s a shooting game where we observe the world through the eyes of our one-armed heroine. The production is characterized by an interesting stunt system, bullet-time slowdown and a destructible environment.

Severed Steel is an FPS that combines several mechanics

The heroine I mentioned is Steel. She’s an agile one-arm shooter on a mission. During skirmishes we will not be able to reload weapons, so our actions will have to contain a dose of strategy and caution. The end of ammunition, however, does not mean defeat, because we will acquire more weapons from fallen opponents.

steel cut free

Photo. Epic Games Store

Speaking of skirmishes, it’s worth saying a bit more about the combat system. This one is very effective, because it is combined with many acrobatics. In addition, each element of the environment must be susceptible to destruction. Nothing will stand in the way of reaching opponents controlled by dynamic artificial intelligence.

The sale will traditionally end the next day at 5:00 p.m. More information can be found by going to the Epic Games Store.

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