Sex education is important to promote equality among students, says an expert

The “Education, Values ​​and Rights” survey, carried out by the DataFolha Institute at the request of the third sector organizations Cenpec and Ação Educativa, showed that 9 out of 10 respondents agree that sexuality education helps to combat sexual abuse and sexual violence against children against teenagers.

in an interview with CNN RadioElian Mayo, a psychologist, professor at the State University of Maringa and a PhD student in school education, participated in the study and emphasized that the results are “very gratifying”.

96% of highlights also believe it is important to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases in the school environment.

As for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, that number has reached 93%.

“We are in the 21st century, I talk to teenagers, and they say that they don’t get this education at home, if the family doesn’t educate, apart from the biological part, the school has a primary function. in a dialogue with teenagers,” Elian assessed.

The specialist said that he is worried about people against the topic. “We want the principles of equality, ethics, care to be included in school programs.”

“Sexual education is part of the content that deals with the reproductive system of men and women, but what we want is that educational activities from a young age bring this equality between people, there is no difference between boys and girls, which avoids sexist attitude and will be subjected to it in the future,” he defended.

For Elian Maio, the school as a whole “must be attuned to the issue of equality, including gender studies”, from “the boy at the door, the girl in the cafeteria to the teachers”.

“The school as a whole, as it educates on paper, formally and informally, with debates, studies, thematic pedagogical week, to break myths, stereotypes and prejudices.”

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