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If you’re like me, you always research and discover the best dialogue options for RPGs, the best layout for RTS games, and of course the best settings for FPS games. Of the 25 weapons included in Frag Lab LLC’s Shatterline, there are 8 weapons that need your attention to be the best player in the game. Adapted to all playstyles, here is the Shatterline weapon tier list.

List of Shatterline weapon tiers

S Tier Weapons

Tornado – machine gun

As the best and most balanced SMG in the game, Tornado will get the job done. Stability, large magazine capacity, fast fire rate and exceptional damage. Everything you want in this world is fulfilled in this weapon, or at least in the world of Shutterline.

A-9 Legatus – Assault Rifle

Slightly below the Tornado, the Legatus presents a great alternative if you prefer a better rate of fire, sacrificing some stability. The magazine’s capacity is less than that of the Tornado, but it can be improved with the right accessory.

A-level weapons

SAG-8 Reaper – Sniper Rifle

One shot, one dead. The Grim Reaper is that phrase incarnate. With a great damage stat and a pretty decent range, this sniper rifle is the ideal choice. Beware of stability and orientation, you better update these stats my friend!

XM-27 Pacifier – Assault Rifle

A good replacement for the Legatus, the lollipop is the best AR in the game, if you take accuracy out of the question. The Pacifier Neon mod is a must in this case, so go ahead and upgrade your Pacifier to “pacify” your enemies.

Z-940 Drachen – Submachine gun

Don’t you dare upgrade this weapon! Drachen doesn’t need any accessories to stand out in his work. Just make sure you are close to your enemy, otherwise this weapon will lag behind other weapons like the lollipop.

Tier B Weapons

R21 Brute – Shotgun

The Brute is no ordinary shotgun. Don’t be fooled by his name, the Brute knows how to throw a punch, and he does it fast. A lot of recoil, yes, but up close? It’s a no-brainer.

G5 Earl – Revolver

The moment your main weapon runs out of energy is panic-inducing. Unless you have a large weapon as a secondary weapon. Switching is usually faster than recharging, that’s the general rule of thumb. And if you switch to Earl, you have the best weapon in the game, period. And while it has the best accuracy of all handheld weapons, it’s best to switch to it while you’re close to your enemy. Like all pistols, range is a no-no.

U44 Culverine

Ultimately, the Culverina makes the cut as the second best pistol in the game. He has power and is sometimes all it takes for a close PvP encounter. This time aiming is more difficult, so you might be in a situation where you will be shooting more than twice. Don’t worry, Culverina’s cooldown is the fastest in the game.

So this is the smash gun level list. Make sure you choose the best weapons available and, as always, don’t get too excited about the trigger.

Shatterline is free and in early access now for Windows (via Steam). If you like our Shatterline content, be sure to check out How to Get Level 5 Weapons in Shatterline and discover all the playable characters in Shatterline.

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