Shell Select strengthens the role of convenience store

The campaign “Vale a Parada” tries to recall the concept of practicality and warmth of the store

A little while ago, the new Shell Select campaign was launched, which consists of three films that will be broadcast on digital, television and streaming. With the slogan “Vale a Parada”, the Mestiça agency created the pieces to reinforce the concept of practicality and warmth outside the home, during people’s daily commute, be it for work, entertainment or any other obligation. Vale a Parada will strengthen the role of the convenience store in the consumer journey.

Other pieces will be featured throughout the year, reinforcing the stores’ products, ease of placement and promotional combinations. Due to the challenge of being a network of stores in different regions of Brazil, communication was carefully planned and adapted to suit the specifics of each location.


“We want to reinforce that we are the destination for consumers, and that’s why we go their route to make everyone’s life easier. To that end, during the campaign we introduced an element universally associated with stops in moving situations: the location pin. The Vale a Parada hike is just that. Let’s reinforce that Shell Select will turn the break into a destination, to solve what you need, to taste appetizers, snacks and drinks, in addition to delicious coffee in a welcoming and peaceful environment”, says Camila Asis, Head of Marketing and Communications. of Grupo Nós

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