Shuttle buses will replace part of the red line next week, work on the orange line has been delayed


The Orange Line should be replaced by buses on part of the line for about a month.

The Red Line will be partially replaced by buses for repairs starting next week. Meanwhile, planned construction on the Orange Line that was supposed to begin next month is being delayed. (David L Ryan/Globe Staff)

The MBTA announced Wednesday that trains will be replaced by late evening buses on a portion of the Red Line for eight days in August.

In addition, the transit authority said repairs to the Orange Line planned for next month that would have caused bus replacements on part of the line have been delayed.

The MBTA said in a press release that shuttle buses will replace Red Line service from JFK/UMass Station to Braintree Station starting around 9:00 PM until the end of service. This replacement service will be in effect from August 1-4 and August 8-11.

These Red Line bus diversions will allow construction crews to expedite maintenance work, the MBTA said. Work being carried out on the red line during the diversion will include replacement of couplings and realignment of track.

“As the MBTA continues to work with the FTA to improve safety, the track and maintenance work that will take place during these evening Red Line diversions will continue to allow Tu to build a better and safer system for all of its riders and employees,” General Manager The MBTA’s Steve Poftak said in a statement.

“We know that every service diversion can be frustrating for riders, but these evening diversions allow us to address necessary track repairs and speed limits on the Braintree branch, which will lead to faster journeys for Red Line riders.”

The MBTA also announced Wednesday that construction work on the Orange Line scheduled to begin this weekend will be delayed.

Originally, Orange Line trains were scheduled to be replaced by buses between Oak Grove and Wellington stations from July 29 to August 28 to complete track and signaling work.

No date or time frame has been given as to when this construction will take place now.

“While the MBTA is currently pausing this work, the MBTA is exploring additional options to expedite work on the Orange Line and will notify riders,” the transit authority wrote in a press release.

When all track work is completed in this area of ​​the Orange Line, trains will be able to travel up to 40 mph, the MBTA said.

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