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This is another part of our mini series with offers for people who use only selected services on their smartphones. We started with the best option for a phone SIM card – internet only. Today we’re going to look at deals for people who only use the phone to make calls.

Currently, packages with unlimited calls, SMS/MMS messages and large data packages (also unlimited) are standard in the offers of almost all operators. They’re so common that people who only use one of these services on their smartphones have to scramble to find something for themselves at a price lower than these unlimited all-in-one deals.

So I decided to collect them in one place, today they will be call-only offers. Currently, the cheapest unlimited package for everything costs PLN 19.90, so we are looking for cheaper offers, only with unlimited calls, or with a package of minutes for calls.

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Call Only Phone – Best Deals


We start alphabetically with a2mobile. This is a prepaid offer, so no obligation – we can activate a monthly package for PLN 12.90 per month including unlimited calls to mobile and landline.

Indeed Mobile

In the case of the Fakt Mobile offer – also a prepaid offer – we have a choice of three packages. The first for PLN 15 per month, below which we will not pay more than this amount for unlimited calls or even SMS messages.

However, people who only use the phone to make calls do not necessarily need an unlimited calling package. If we’re going to talk for less than an hour or even a few hours a month, we’ll still need an offer that minimizes the monthly cost. As a reminder, currently the cost of a minute of a call outside the package can reach PLN 0.49, so such a package of 50 minutes for PLN 3 or PLN 9 for 300 minutes will be an ideal solution for people who do not talk on the phone a lot per month.

mobile key

You can find a similar package as in Fakt Mobile with another virtual operator – Klucz Mobile. For PLN 15 per month, you can make calls to mobile and fixed lines throughout the month.

But the custom package seems to be more convenient, because in it you will not pay for SMS messages if you ever get one to send.

Easy mobile

With Lajt Mobile, you can get such a package a little more expensive – for PLN 15.99 per month, in addition to unlimited calls to everyone, you also get unlimited SMS (paid MMS) and a small 1GB data transfer package.


Another offer with a package of minutes can be found at Lycamobile, where 100 minutes per month costs PLN 10. In addition, there are 100 text messages and 1GB/6GB (for new customers) of data transfer.


In Otvarta, as in Fakt Mobile, we have two options to choose from – for those who talk a maximum of one hour per month, the tariff is PLN 9.99 per month, and for the option with unlimited calls, we will pay everyone PLN 14.99. In addition, we will use a data package of 2 GB or 11 GB per month in these packages.

Virgin Mobile

The last of the offers dedicated primarily to people who only make calls are two packages in Virgin Mobile – one for a subscription with a monthly notice period for PLN 15, including unlimited calls and messages, and the other in a prepaid offer for PLN 9 per month with a package of 300 minutes and 300 SMS per month.
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