Simão Pereira (MG) opens a competition with 25 vacancies and a salary of up to R$ 11,100

a Simao Pereira Prefecture, in the province Minas Geraisannounced the opening of the public tender for the filling of 25 vacancies of the immediate contract, in addition to the vacancies for the formation of the reserve register.

The registration period begins on May 15, 2023.

Vacancies include candidates with literacy level, fundamental, Medium/Technical It is higher.

Simão Pereira-MG municipal salaries reach up to R$ 11.1 thousand.

The bank responsible for the tender is JCM – Consultoria Municipal Ltda.

Vacancies and salaries Simão Pereira – MG

Check the availability of vacancies according to the position below.

basic level

  • Heavy machinery operator – 1 vacancy;
  • Bricklayer – 1 vacancy;
  • School secretary – 1 vacancy.

intermediate/technical level

  • Dentist’s assistant – 1 vacancy;
  • Community Health Agent – 3 vacancies;
  • Dengue and Endemic Disease Control Agent – ​​1 vacancy;
  • City inspector – 1 vacancy;
  • Sanitary inspector – 1 vacancy;
  • Dental hygiene technician – 1 vacancy.

complete higher level

  • Social worker – Kras – 1 vacancy;
  • Social worker – Education – 1 vacancy;
  • Education specialist – 1 vacancy;
  • Physiotherapist – 1 vacancy;
  • Speech therapist – 1 vacancy;
  • doctor-specialist – cardiologist – 1 vacancy;
  • doctor-specialist – gynecologist – 1 vacancy;
  • doctor-specialist – pediatrics – 1 vacancy;
  • Family Health Strategy Physician – 1 vacancy;
  • Nutritionist – 1 vacancy;
  • Physical education teacher – 1 vacancy;
  • Portuguese teacher – CR;
  • Religion teacher – 1 vacancy;
  • Psychologist – Kras – 1 vacancy;
  • Psychologist – Education – 1 vacancy.

Salaries offered by the Municipality of Simão Pereira vary BRL 1,456.89 It BRL 11,132.11 depending on the charge.

vacancies of basic level offer salaries from BRL 1,456.89 It BRL 2,208.13 depending on the position sought by the candidate for a 40-hour working day per week.

for the positions of intermediate/technical levelsalaries vary 1517.48 until until BRL 2,604.00 depending on the position the candidate is looking for 30 to 40 hours per week.

For salaries higher level from go R$: 2990.39 It BRL 11,132.11 depending on the position the candidate is looking for 10 to 40 hours per week.

In order to compete for one of the vacant positions, a candidate must prove the minimum education for the position, in addition to other important requirements, depending on the assignments of each position.

Candidates must also be over 18 years of age, Brazilian, electoral and military justice related (for male candidates) and have no criminal record.

Register Simão Pereira – MG

Those wishing to participate in the Simao Pereira – MG Municipality Public Tender must register within days May 15, 2023 It June 14, 2023directly on the website of JCM, the organizer responsible for the event.

The cost of the registration fee ranges from R$80.00 to R$200.00 depending on the position desired.

Candidates who are unemployed or registered in the Federal Government’s unified register of social programs, CadÚnico, can request: fee waiver From the protocol.

To do this, simply log on to the JCM website between 15 and 17 May 2023 and complete the exemption application.

Public competition rounds Simao Pereira – MG

The public tender of the Municipality of Simão Pereira-MG will have the following stages:

  • objective evidence for all posts of elimination and classification nature.
  • proof of degrees qualifying only for higher level positions.
  • practice test only for heavy machinery operator and mason posts on elimination and classification basis.

The application of the objective test is scheduled for July 30, 2023. The test will assess candidates through multiple choice questions on the topics of Portuguese, Logical Reasoning, Federal Legislation – CRFB, Special Public Health, Information Technology and Educational Knowledge.

Simão Pereira’s mayoral bid will run for two years and may be renewed once for an equal term at the municipality’s discretion.

Click here to read the notification in full and check detailed information like complete schedule, test schedule and responsibilities of each post.

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