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Simple2u offers smartphone insurance on demand

Illustration: Cecilia Marins/Mobile Time

Simple2u (Android, iOS), an on-demand digital insurance startup, has expanded its service portfolio to now offer mobile insurance. With nationwide coverage, the plans will protect against robbery and aggravated theft, accidental breakage, liquid damage and more, depending on what the customer chooses.

The difference with the on-demand insurance model is that the consumer You can cancel the monthly insurance at any time, with no mandatory grace period. One of the plans also includes service assistance package aimed at people who work through mobile phones.

To purchase insurance, you must log into the Simple2u website or app and perform a simulation. The price of the plan, which can be contracted per credit package, varies according to the smartphone model, coverage and assistance selected. The user can change or cancel the plan through the same channels. If there is money left in your wallet, it is returned as cashback to the bank account or as a credit for reactivating the benefit.

Plans start at R$16.12 per month.


With the launch of the new insurance, Simple2u wants to protect 20,000 devices by the end of 2023, when it expects to reach 50,000 customers. In three years, it is expected to reach the figure of 70 thousand devices. The service is part of the expansion plan of the startup, which wants to have revenues of more than R$ 150 million in 2027.

According to Leonardo Lourenço, director of the startup, new on-demand insurances should be launched in the future, for goods in general, bicycles, pets and travel, including the B2B2C public. In business since early 2022, Simple2u – which operates in the sandbox of the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep), the body that regulates and oversees the sector in Brazil – also offers home insurance and personal accident insurance.

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