Simulations show waves of more than 12 meters in the event of a Seattle earthquake

Modeling published by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shows the impact of a magnitude 7.5 earthquake on the Seattle fault line in the US.

“Tsunami waves may reach about 13 meters at Seattle’s Big Wheel and will reach inland toward Lumen Field and T-Mobile Park,” the Washington State DNR said in a tweet Thursday.

According to a press release, the survey was prepared by geologists with the DNR’s Washington Geological Survey.

Scientists have found that if a 7.5-magnitude earthquake were to strike Seattle, a 40-foot (12-meter) tsunami could hit the Seattle area in less than 3 minutes.

“Flooding as a result of tsunami and strong currents can continue for more than 3 hours after the beginning of the earthquake,” says the press release.

The study shows that after such a large earthquake, coastal flooding and shoreline changes would occur throughout the Seattle area.

The last known earthquake on the Seattle Rift occurred about 1,100 years ago, the statement said.

The study “was conducted to help state and local emergency planners develop and improve tsunami preparedness and response plans in the heart of Washington’s largest population and economic center,” the statement said.

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