Six Eskom power stations have been identified as the main cause of the ongoing blackouts – SABC News

Six Eskom power stations have been identified as the main cause of blackouts in the country. This was revealed by Eskom executives during their briefing to Parliament on the immediate and long-term load shedding solution.

Eskom told MPs that any improvement at these identified power stations would stabilize the national grid. But Eskom has warned the public to prepare for more load shedding this year.

The power company says these problem stations are: Duvha, Kendal, Kusile, Majuba, Matta and Tutuka. This led MPs to question whether it was possible for Eskom to be fixed.

“Eskom has reached an irreparable stage that cannot be reversed, am I right in concluding that,” says Sahlulele Luzipo, chairman of the Minerals and Energy Committee.

While the power company says energy availability is improving, it also warned of tough times ahead.

“I think the government is doing a lot to address the load-shedding issue, we’re seeing good progress there, although 2023 will be a tough year for the load-shedding outlook,” says Eskom’s outgoing chief executive, Andre De Ruyter .

As well as aging infrastructure, Eskom says it also faces theft of coal, which is then exported.

“The crooks are taking coal from us and looking to decommission landmarks that contain discarded coal, they’re replacing our coal with discarded coal and selling the discarded coal,” adds De Ruyter.

De Ruyter says the Hawks are investigating his alleged poisoning.

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