Sixteen of the 33 beaches in Grande Natal are unsuitable for swimming

This is what you read: almost 50% of Grande Natal’s beaches are unsuitable for bathing. The number appears in the latest Beach Bathing Bulletin, issued by the Institute for Sustainable Development and the Environment (so).

The number is already the highest pollution rate since the beginning of the historic series of the Água Azul Program, which has been monitored for more than 20 years. Monitoring analyzes the amount of thermotolerant coliforms found in water.

The study is carried out by the program, in partnership with Idema and the Federal Institute of Science and Technology Education of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN).

Rains were the main factors. The waters came washing away in some places, bringing dirt into the reservoirs“, says the coordinator of the Água Azul Program, Ronaldo Diniz.

Check out the passages that are not suitable for bathing:

  • Pirangi River Mouth (Nísia Floresta)
  • River Pium/Ponte Nova (Parnamirim)
  • River Pium/Balneário (Parnamirim)
  • Northern Pirangi (Parnamirim)
  • Ponta Negra/Main Access (Natal)
  • Black Sand (Christmas)
  • Artists’ Beach (Christmas)
  • Praia do Meio (Christmas)
  • Redinha/Potengi River (Christmas)
  • Redinha/Church (Christmas)
  • Hammock / Tent (Christmas)
  • Redinha Nova (Extremoz)
  • Barra do Rio (Extremoz)
  • Graçandu (Extremoz)
  • Pitangui (Extremoz)
  • Pitangui Lagoon (Extremoz)

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