Skeem Saam: Tonight's episode, E239 S10World News 

Skeem Saam: Tonight’s episode, E239 S10

On tonight’s show:

Soap Operas by TVSA

Lady Kogomo realizes her son is the Dark Angel. The principal was ready to throw in the towel, but Mr. Desando did not. Lehasa’s grand gesture backfired.

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Next at Skeem Saam

The principal knows that no good deeds will be punished. Koloi was told he needed to repay the money. Khwezikazi was prepared to deal only with her uncle and not her mother.

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About Skeem Saam

The story follows the lives of Turfloop residents, who face daily trials and tribulations as they climb the ladder of success.

The show premiered in October 2011. It has become one of the most popular TV series in South Africa. By propelling teens into the adult scene, it has become a hit with television viewers across generations. Its “mature” premise also continues to set it apart from rival soap operas.

When and Where to Watch Skeem Saam

It airs Monday-Friday at 18:30 on SABC1, DSTV channel 191. If you can’t watch the latest episode when it airs, we’ll post the full episode shared on SABC’s YouTube channel. Stick with us and you’ll never miss a show again.

meet the actor

actor Role
Clement Mausa Zamokuhle Seakamela
Cornet Mamapolo Tabomaputra
Patrick Seleka Carterigo Peterson
African Cai John Maputra
Harriet Manamela Makimaputra
Eric Maceru Lito Maputra
Dixon Munisi Manuturisi Carmela
Shawkey Mmora Celia Magonwa
Mogau Motlhatswi Mapisimagonwa
Masilomagoro Charles Kunutu
Lydia Mokokolosi Coco Mansa
Leilato Marabe beautiful west carmela
Molefi Monessa purse lakau
putraseherapello Alfred Magonwa
Mark Goffey Moage Charity Ramab
Scumbuzzo Mbata manaca
Elizabeth Salenye Principal Thobagale
Cedric Fury Lehasa Maphosa
Thabo Mhabera Leshole Mabitsela
Amanda Mancu Elizabeth “Lizzie” Tobakale
Wussi Leremi Clement Lessoaro
bangani madondo Sifiso Nturi
Sheppard Senate Chloe Shivambo
fifila trabala Cindy Kuzwayo
innocent sadiki Stoke Sicamera
Sebastian Mohal Dr. Long Wan
Patrick Bocaba Advocate for Bobape
AuthorMolepo Captain Malabana
Olatilvi Maidisa Eunice Encadimon
opamanamera Babel
Liz Vanderwent Candice
Tebogo Modisan Alfios
Pebez Matera Mokadi
Clive Sekara Dennis
Aubrey Macola Rama Salad
Luyolo Zita mfondo
chiamo gates wellebrough Bonle
Nozipho Langa Glenda Mogosi
Le Bohang Elephant Mr. Kogomo
Lobo Air Red Land carol
Samukil Mkhez Khwezikazi Gasela

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