Small houses in Woolen, crime spree in Legden, riots in Borken

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Wüllen Nord 2 should not be about very small and partially mobile homes of this type. UWG presented this years ago at Ahaus as an idea for modern life. “It’s not about caravans without wheels,” explained Reinhard Horst (WLA). © Archive

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It is a gloomy day ahead. Cloudy from morning to afternoon in Ahaus and surroundings, temperature 6 to 9°C. It rains in the evening, the temperature is 8 to 9°C. At night there will be rain and a low temperature of 9°C. Speeds of 51 to 66 km/h are expected. The sun is almost invisible today.

Borkeni district “shines” here.

Borken County has not publicly announced any controls for Dec. 28.

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