Smart AutoFill in Excel is evolving

Microsoft has announced that their iconic spreadsheet is getting even simpler. Automation features will help users chew their way through formulas.

Microsoft 365

Excel spreadsheet has been the bane and salvation of many people around the world for many years. From a student to an accountant to a set designer for a Hollywood blockbuster, everyone is typing data into cells, using formulas, and wondering why a carefully entered string of characters doesn’t work (one space too many).

Microsoft just announced that Excel’s autocomplete feature just got smarter, at least in the “New Office” version of Microsoft 365. There will be formula suggestions and examples in the program to help you automate processes you’ve never done before. carried out manually.

Smart Excel

If we type an equal sign in a cell, Excel will try to intelligently suggest what formula we should use, given the data surrounding the cell. For example, if we have a quarterly sales sheet with a column labeled “total” at the end, Excel may suggest that we sum a range of cells.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the feature only works in English for now and suggests formulas for adding, averaging, counting, finding the lowest and highest values, which is no big deal. Google Sheets has been using something similar for a while, but for those using Excel, it can be a nice time saver. In particular, a formula that follows data patterns and fills in the rest of the column based on them. I’ll admit right away that I’m not an Excel expert, but I still find it pretty useful. In the attached video, see how it will look from now on in the application itself:

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