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Smartphones represent 7.6% of time Brazilians spend consuming video, says Ibope

Smartphones represent just 7.6% of the time Brazilians spend watching video at home, according to Kantar Ibope Media research, with data from 2022. The vast majority of that time (90.4%) is still spent on television, including smart TVs, and connected televisions (CTVs), such as broadcast equipment. Desktops (1.6%) and tablets (0.3%) were the least used devices.

The study considered video content consumed by linear TV and online video platforms, which includes the major streaming platforms offering their services locally and YouTube. Video consumption from social networks, for example, is not included in this number.

On a typical day in Brazil, 8.2% of video consumption is exclusively on smartphones, with a 14.9% overlap with TV and CTV. This means that 23.1% of this consumption is done through the mobile device, in total.

This extent is different between age groups. With 12- to 17-year-olds, 13.5% of video consumption occurs via smartphones alone, being the most expressive age profile in this index. If we consider the overlapping reach between TVs, CTVs and smartphones (11.5%), this number rises to 24%.

On the other hand, the age group in which the most video is consumed on smartphones is that between 35 and 49 years old, with 26.8%. However, exclusive device consumption represents only 8.1%, as the degree of overlap with TV and CTV is higher, at 18.7%.

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The smartphone has a greater presence in online video, which includes streaming platforms and YouTube. In this case, 35.8% of the time Brazilians spend consuming this content is via smartphones. Only 1.3% is for tablets and 7.7% for desktops. Televisions and CTVs come out ahead again, with 55.1% of consumption.

YouTube is, by far, the video platform that people use their smartphones to consume the most. 46% of the platform’s consumption in Brazil is through the device, which beat TV and CTV, with 44.8%.

Among the main streaming platforms, smartphone use is also more representative: Twitch (32.9%), HBO Max (21.2%), Globoplay (19.3%), Amazon Prime Video (18.1%), Disney+ (15%) and Netflix ( 8.9%)

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