Smartwatches for kids: Meet the best models

While smartwatches may seem of little use to many, when it comes to kids, things change. Thanks to this it is possible to monitor your child’s activity, be able to communicate with him or even know his location. That’s why today we will mention the best smart watch model that can be given to a child.

When choosing the ideal model for our needs, as well as your child’s preferences, you must have it consider several aspects. We’ll talk a bit about the functionality we have to take into account and many other relevant features.

What aspects are important in smartwatches for kids?

When selecting a particular smartwatch model for your child, It is important to analyze several aspects of interest that will enhance the experience your little one with this device.

Some of them are:

your child’s age

This factor is decisive in determining whether your child needs a smartwatch or not. If it is under 5 years old, we would not recommend it, in which case a simple watch is more appropriate, where your little ones can see the time and play odd games. Conversely, if the age is more than 5 years, the characteristics of the watch will depend on your little one’s abilities and preferences.

GPS availability

This is one of the most sought after by parents. Without doubt, knowing your child’s location transmits peace of mind and safety to their parents. Very useful if your child is active outdoors or goes to school alone.

The sensor is built into the phone

this help collect basic data about your child’s daily activities, such as the steps you walk per day, the hours of sleep you have, heart rate smart watch

Battery duration

It is very important that this it can last several days without charging the watch your child so often. This is very practical because you don’t have to be aware of the battery running out all the time.

Shock and drop resistant

The model you choose must be resistant to all the daily activities that the little one does. Drops from sufficient heights, scratches and even if much better water resistance, these are basic requirements.

The best smart watch models for kids

I’m Momo Space 4G

SoyMomo Kids Smartwatch As we mentioned before, one of the most important aspects when deciding on a smartwatch for kids is quality in relation to price. This model certainly will not let you down. With one of the most affordable prices on the market, but still with amazing features. One of which is GPS, which is equipped with a history of your child’s whereabouts throughout the day.

Of course the SOS button, also known as The panic button is one of my most loved features. This handy button will allow if your little one feels threatened or something happens to him, he will be able to notify you instantly by pressing the small button located on the side of the smartwatch. The battery of this watch model is 680 mAH. It also has a camera option.

It is possible through this device to store about 10 contacts in its storage. This will make it easier for your child to communicate with you and other family members. You can make calls, send messages, or even video calls, all thanks to its 4G connectivity.

I’m Momo Space 2.0

Another watch from the well-known brand SoyMomo is a high-ranking one on our list. This model is very accessible for all budgets due date Due to its great features, it costs a bit more than the previous model.

Like SoyMomo Space 4G, this watch allows you to add a contact list so that your child can establish communication with you or other relatives in seconds, it also allows the numbers that are not listed in the list to be blocked. This feature is very popular and ensures the safety of your little one.

The battery is 1000 mAh which minimizes the charging frequency. The silicone wristband is highly durable, and the screen has been designed to withstand bumps and drops from considerable heights. It also includes a panic button. The connectivity is 4G and also by WiFi network.

SoyMomo kids watch They are controlled by their tutor thanks to an application for your smartphone. Which you can download for free on Play Store.


pthetchus This is a fairly inexpensive watch, although it does have some very attractive features. That The screen is of a practical size, the interface is very simple and intuitive. This is the ideal watch to introduce your child to new technology.

Something that is very popular among parents who have decided to go for this smartwatch is the do not disturb mode. In the a schedule you set, such as the time your little one spends at school or sleeping. This option benefits you from spending a lot of time watching the clock and ignoring other activities.

It is possible to receive calls and make them, through your previously configured contact list. It’s the same with sending text messages. It comes with several games included, which encourage learning and they also entertain your child.


VTECH This specific one is a watch with a higher range compared to the previous one. Because of this, the price is higher, but still quite affordable. Highly resistant screen, scratch and drop resistant. It has a pretty good size, which will allow your kid to use it easily. It has more than 50 different themes for screen customization, Your little one will be able to choose his favorite.

Of course, this watch allows you to make calls and send text messages, has its own panic button, which provides security for your child. This will allow you to know the child’s location at any time.

A variety of mini-games are included in this watch, which will guarantee fun times and also help develop skills.

We hope that by the end of reading this articleYou’ve decided which smartwatch model for kids we’re talking about, according to their functional characteristics. Let us know in the comments which is your favourite. We read you.

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