Snake in the Grass: Who’s in the Cast?

SNAKE in the Grass is a new competition series on USA Network that “pushes human nature to its limits.”

Contestants battle it out for a chance to win $100,000, and all they have to do is figure out which one is “Snake.”


Snake in the Grass is a competition series on USA NetworkCredit: USA

Snake in the Grass: Who’s in the Cast?

Snake in the Grass is hosted by radio and television personality Bobby Bones.

He is probably best known for being a mentor on American Idol, but he also won season 27 of Dancing with the Stars with partner Sharna Burgess.

Joining Bones this season will be:

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  • Ryan Anthony
  • Juliet Bell
  • Earl Cole (Survivor: Fiji)
  • Todd Duffee
  • Cirie Fields
  • Malcolm Freberg (survivor)
  • John Gaber
  • Victoria Gusto
  • Trish Hegarty (Survivor)
  • Brandon Horton
  • Lacey Jones (Naked and Scared)
  • Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick
  • Brett Kessinger
  • Piper “Nai” Knight
  • Yul Kwon (Survivor: Cook Island)
  • Ryan McCune
  • Alysia Montano
  • Andrew Muse
  • Alyssa Musto
  • Elektra Nelson
  • Stephanie Ortiz (survivor)
  • Janelle Pierzina (Big Brother)
  • David Redmond
  • Rachel Reilly (Big Brother)
  • Sam Ruebush
  • Chelsea Scott
  • Michael Steinbach
  • Rogerlyn Taylor
  • Wyatt Werneth
  • Sean Williams
  • Xavier Williams
  • Jeff Zausch (Naked and Scared)

How does Snake in the Grass work?

Each episode of Snake in the Grass features four players who are left in the wild for 36 hours.

During this time, they must work to find out which one of them is “The Serpent”, also known as the contestant who is secretly undermining the group.

The contestants end up competing in a series of challenges to get clues to help them determine who the Serpent is.

After their time in the Central American jungle is up, they head to the “Snake Pit” to find out who was trying to sabotage them.

If three players guess the snake, they win $100,000.

However, if they are unable, then the Serpent leaves with everything.

Snake in the Grass is hosted by Bobby Bones


Snake in the Grass is hosted by Bobby BonesCredit: Getty

How can I watch Snake in the Grass?

Snake in the Grass can be seen live on USA Network Mondays at 11:00 PM EST starting August 1, 2022.

It can also be streamed on Peacock.

Before the show began, Bones sat down with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show, where he explained how the show is like a “social experiment.”

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“I’ve never met anyone who says ‘I’m a terrible judge of character’ — everyone thinks they’re great at it,” Bones said, via US Weekly .

“This show is like that – can you follow someone and see what they’re doing and see who’s lying? You watch people under pressure, you watch people do hard things… can they keep lying and get away with it? Because if they can, they’ll win all the money.”

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