Snow expected to hit parts of South Australia todayWorld News 

Snow expected to hit parts of South Australia today

Light snow is expected in parts of South Africa today in these areas.

The news has just been released – light snow will make landfall on Sunday

The South African Meteorological Service (SAWS) has warned that light snow is expected in the mountains of the following areas:

“Light snow on the mountains could lead to isolated losses of vulnerable livestock. Slippery conditions caused by icy mountain passes could cause some isolated disruptions.”

SAWS also advised the public to keep livestock in shelters and avoid driving on icy roads.

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Public advised to avoid travelling on icy roads

Snow is expected to make landfall around 19:00 on Sunday afternoon and continue until 23:00.

At the same time, the State Administration of Work Safety issued a Level 2 warning for damaging waves in the following areas:

  • M_Cederberg
  • Lambert Bay
  • M_Matzikama
  • Strandfontein
  • M_Kamiesberg
  • Hundkrip Bay
  • M_Nama Khoi
  • Kleinzer
  • M_Richtersveld
  • port noros

Damaging surf is expected Saturday night into Sunday afternoon.

“The difficulty of navigating the seas for small boats and personal water vehicles such as kayaks is possible.

Small boats are at risk of flooding and capsizing locally. Small harbours and harbours and waterfront activities are also likely to experience local disruption. ”

Small boats are advised to seek shelter in ports, bays or inlets, SAWS warned.

This comes after snow was confirmed in parts of South Australia last month

This comes after snow fell in several parts of South Africa last month. Snow has been confirmed for the following areas:

Here’s where snow was confirmed Friday afternoon:

  • Lesotho
  • Anderberg
  • Drakensberg Mountains
  • Worcester Hill

Farmers urged to shelter animals

It also warned that the snow could lead to the isolated loss of vulnerable livestock and snowmelt, resulting in slippery roads.

SAWS urges smallholder farmers to be encouraged to provide shelter for animals. Residents should dress warmly and avoid mountain passes.

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