Solar Coca-Cola opens over 800 temporary vacancies in the “Summer Plan”

THE Solar Coca-Colathe second largest producer of the Coca-Cola System in Brazil was opened selective process in 891 vacancies in the northern, northeastern and central-western regions of the country. Vacancies are part ofSummer plan”, an annual temporary hiring program aimed at bolstering Solar’s operations through December, a period in which there is an increase in demand for beverages during the country’s hottest season.

Vacancies Summer schedule are distributed in 38 municipalities in 10 countries where the company operates. There are opportunities for delivery assistant, sales promoter, delivery assistant, delivery driver, forklift operator, among others. The duration of work is from 30 to 90 days, with the possibility of employment.

As requirements, candidates for the position of driver must have completed high school, have CNH in category D and experience on duty. As far as delivery and delivery assistant functions are concerned, the only requirement is to have completed primary school. Also, all applicants must be over 18 years of age.

Candidates can apply through the Gupy platform: https://solarcocacola.gupy.io/. For more information about these and other vacancies, those interested can access the website: www.solarbr.com.br/trabalhe-conosco.

It is worth noting that Solar is a company known for evaluating and encouraging employment policies for women, people with disabilities, among other professionals from different groups, through the #EuIncluo Diversity and Inclusion Program. The company also supports young people looking to enter the labor market through Coletivo Jovem. In this fully online course, young people have access to a training program to find their first job.

#I include women

Especially for women, Solar invests in female strength and seeks to increase the number of female employees in all areas and positions of the company. This action is part of the #EuIncluo movement, focused on hiring women to be protagonists and occupy their space occupying the operational staff of Solar Coca-Cola.

O #include Women also encourage female leadership, and as of May 2022, Solar had 25.3% of its professionals in leadership positions. In addition, the company still has production lines for 100# female cans.

program ‘#Include, A Solar with more colorsIt also gives opportunities to professionals from different groups, as it believes in the protagonism of people. The company has more than 160 employees directly participating in the program, on action fronts that include, in addition to women, people with disabilities, black people, LGBTQIA+, people over 50 and indigenous people.

The Youth Collective

In addition to encouragement, Solar Coca-Cola also gives opportunities to young people who want to enter the labor market, through Coletivo Jovem. Those who are up to 25 years old and live in low-income communities can count on this free training. To apply, the prerequisites are to be between the ages of 16 and 25 and to have attended or already completed high school.

The online program delivers free content via WhatsApp, allowing young people to take the course anywhere and anytime. Throughout the training, participants have access to topics such as: life plan, financial planning, curriculum construction and preparation for selection processes.

For more information, registration and details about Coletivo, interested parties can access the official website of the project: https://bit.ly/ColetivoJovem2022.

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