Something you wouldn’t expect is coming to Netflix

Netflix is ​​the undisputed leader of the VOD market in our country. There are many signs that its platform is tired of being a simple website offering companies and series. We recently heard about the company’s plans to create an online FPS game, and now word has surfaced that Netflix is ​​also looking to replace personal fitness trainers.

Bored of Netflix being “only” VOD?

Mediapanel’s survey for November this year clearly shows that Netflix has no competition among streaming services in our country. Last month, the American platform had as many as 13.03 million users, which equates to 43.87% of all Polish internet users. In second and third place in this ranking are HBO Max and Disney+, respectively, which have almost 3 times less users than Netflix.

Recently, there was information that the American service plans to join the group of companies with online FPS in its portfolio. Of course, this is not the first contact of the website with games, since for some time in the mobile application we will find a Games section, which, by the way, is not very visited by users. Now for its new gaming project, the website is looking for: “An extremely talented executive who will help us create a direction and creative vision for the new AAA game.”

Whether we’ll see a game in the Netflix library that can throw down the gauntlet to Call of Duty, only time will tell. The platform is now more focused on fighting account sharing. Today there is information that the service will begin to seriously fight with unruly users from the beginning of next year.

Netflix wants to help you get fit

Netflix doesn’t stop being “just VOD” and partners with Nike to attract fitness and home exercise enthusiasts. A series of training session videos will soon appear on the platform.

Nike Training Club app content is expected to be available in multiple languages ​​for all Netflix subscribers very soon. Exactly On December 30th, the first part of the training videos will appear, and the second will be on the platform next year. The first batch will contain 46 episodes, for a total of 30 hours of learning content. Here is the list of programs that will appear on the platform in just a few days:

  1. Kickstart Fitness with the basics (13 episodes),
  2. Two weeks is a stronger core (7 episodes),
  3. Fall in love with vinyasa yoga (6 episodes),
  4. HIT & Strength with Tara (14 episodes),
  5. Fitness for a good mood (6 episodes).

Will you be tempted to work out in front of the TV not with Ewa Chodakowska or Anna Lewandowska, but with Netflix?

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