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Somitz in tears as Kelly prepares for gospel concert

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo broke down in tears as South African singer Kelly Khumalo opened up about her gospel concert in the first episode of the third season of Showmax’s reality show, which aired on Tuesday, July 5.

KELLY KHUMALO: ‘We’re Sex Hungry’

Kelly Khumalo has revealed she wanted to hold a gospel concert before South Africa’s lockdown but had to postpone it. She accepted her plan and explained that the preparations did not involve alcohol and sex.

“My team and I were planning to have a gospel concert, but a week before that, we went into lockdown. But, I don’t think it’s the right time. Now, that’s it, a gospel concert,” she said.

“So, it required us to come together as a band, as a team. So we had to start fasting earlier in the week. Where we couldn’t touch alcohol. Not only fasting, we were sexually hungry,” she continued Say.

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SOMIZI tears at the concert

Kelly’s “cuz” Somizi made a special appearance in this episode, and he was in tears after watching her perform.

“We have a very spiritual relationship, we’ve had it for ten years. So I think I need to know how he feels,” she said.

Then she asked if his tears were good tears, Somizi said and showed her some love.

“You know I love who I see. You don’t touch, don’t touch!” he said.

Kelly also appeared in the final season of Somizi’s reality show — Make dreams come true with Somizi.

Somizi Mhlongo appears on Kelly Khumalo’s reality TV show via Instagram @somizi.

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