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Somizi asks entourage to repay R3k each

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo has revealed that he made his The entourage repaid 3,000 rand each.

SOMIZI: “I’m here for work, not play”

Somizi Mhlongo revealed that while talking to his friend Ndo Maleho, he asked his entourage to pay him 3000 rand each after paying a bill of 30000 rand for a night in Cape Town.

“After we left yesterday, I ended up paying the bill. So I called everyone and I told them I paid R30k and I told them everyone paid R3000,” he said.

“Welcome to 2022. How will we be able to afford living in London if we continue to pay everyone’s bills?” Endor asked.

“I told them I didn’t come to work there to play. They couldn’t believe it,” the media source continued.

Somizi Mhlongo revealed he had to pay the R30,000 bill himself. Image via Instagram @somizi.

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TWEEPS: “People out there have money”

Twitter users are appalled that Somizi et al have R30,000 on them to pay such an expensive bill.

“People have money eii out there, how do you pay a 30k bill by yourself? 😭😭🤨. I have to ask for life insurance plus RAF to achieve this #LTDWSOMIZI,” tweeted @NkululekoXaba_.

What others find shocking is that Idol SA The judge’s friends weren’t saddened by letting him take the bill himself.

“I’m shocked that Somizi’s friend doesn’t feel bad about letting him pay the bills alone 💔. I don’t like friends like this taking advantage of your kindness #LTDWSOMIZI,” tweeted @PoshLaBhar.

“Somizi paid a 30K bill and later asked his friends who were there for 3K each. I think that makes sense. #LTDWSOMIZI,” tweeted @__kate__d.

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