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Son killed mum, drank her blood from her wound delayed

The case where the son allegedly killed his mother and then drank her blood has been delayed due to pending evidence.

National Prosecution Authority (NPA) Northwest Territory spokesman Henry Mamothame said Koster Magistrates Court had postponed the case of 24-year-old Thabang Moswane to complete its investigation.

“…The court has postponed the case against Moswane until 1 August 2022, pending the completion of the investigation by the South African Police Service’s autopsy report and photo album.

Henry Marmotime

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Mother found with stab wounds

On the afternoon of May 9 this year, Boons police were called to a horrific murder scene in Mato Pesta. When they arrived, they found the body of Kedisaletse Elizbeth Moswane, 53, in a shack with multiple stab wounds.

“Initial information suggests that there was an altercation between Kedisaletse and her son Moswane,” Mama said.

According to the Daily Sun, the battle surpassed the R10. He reportedly asked her for money and then allegedly stabbed her when she told him she had no money.

Son drank mother’s blood

Police have been told that Moswane was allegedly seen drinking his mother’s blood after stabbing him.

The Daily Sun further reported that Moswane’s twin brother, Thabo Moswane, was found drinking blood from a stab wound in his mother’s neck.

“He was immediately arrested and appeared at Coster Magistrates Court. Moswane waived bail. He will remain in police custody until his next court appearance. He was charged with Murder,” said the NPA’s Mamothame.

Man who stabbed family faces jail time

Meanwhile, a key man who has accused load shedding of leaving two family friends brutally stabbed to death faces 25 years in prison.

Shane Steven Boucher, 38, pleaded guilty to stabbing two of his friends in the KwaZulu-Natal Superior Court in Pietermaritzburg.Photo: Facebook

News24 reported that Shane Steven Boucher, 38, pleaded guilty in the KwaZulu-Natal Superior Court in Pietermaritzburg.

He killed Rita Westfahl, 76, and her daughter, Carol Lesley Westfahl, 58.

Boucher told the court he drank three quarts of beer at his Thornwell home. Then he went to visit his friend in Oribi. After failing to find his friends, he went to Westphal’s house.

He had a few drinks with his friend Rita of 15 years.

“He said he went to the kitchen in the dark to drink water because there was an unloading that night. He felt a presence behind him. He pulled it from his belt without checking who it was,” NPA district spokeswoman Natasha Ramkisson-Kara said. Knife, stabbed Rita twice in the neck.

Then he panicked and as he tried to escape, he bumped into Carroll.

“Fearing that she would recognize him, he also decided to stab her to death,” Ramkissen-Kara said.

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