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Sour cream will spoil immediately after opening if you do 1 reflexive thing

When we open a new cream, we usually do not use the whole package at once. Unfortunately, often even after 1 day it starts to deteriorate, signs of mold appear. Why does this happen? You are probably doing 1 thing that you don’t even pay attention to.

Cream packets are most often opened to add to soups, spreads, or sauces. Take an appropriate amount of spoon and add it to the dish. And then what do we do? We often instinctively lick the spoon. But if it turns out that the cream is not enough, and we want to add another portion. Spread the cream again with the same spoon. And here is the whole problem. After contact with saliva, which we left on the spoon, it will spoil faster. Why?
Up to 700 different types of microorganisms live in our mouth. This includes viruses, fungi and protozoa. However, there are the largest number of bacteria, and you can count up to 600 species. If these substances, even in a minimal amount of saliva, get into the cream, they will quickly start to “work” in it and thereby lead to its faster spoilage.

The same rule applies to all other products that we remove from the jar or packaging. That is, all jams, pickles, yogurts or sauces. Never put a licked spoon in them, as they will spoil faster.

The second no less important task related to this is the task of cooking and taking care of the health of loved ones.

When you try food while cooking, you should always do it with a clean spoon. A spoon that has come into contact with your mouth should not be put back into food. Even when you check if it’s hot, well seasoned or still fresh. Even if you think you’re healthy, you can unknowingly smuggle germs or bacteria from your mouth into your food.

So what can be done to prevent the above situations?

When you spoon cream, mayonnaise or jam, remember not to lick it. However, when you do this, make sure to rinse it under water before putting it back in the container.
What about tasting while cooking? The principle is the same. You try, rinse and try again. You can also prepare two teaspoons, you take one of the dishes and pour it into the teaspoon, which you test the dishes. Then you can be sure that you always clean the dish with a clean spoon.

Nowadays, hygiene is the basis, so it is worth paying attention to even such small details that can protect us and our loved ones from unpleasant consequences.

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