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SP Obras is opening vacancies for recruitment in administrative and engineering fields

THE: SP Workspublic company City Hall of Sao Paulorelated to infrastructure and works municipality has selective process open for hiring professionals temporary.

Vacancies are intended for immediate hiring and the formation of a temporary reserve register 12 monthswhich can be extended for another 12 months.

The selection process empowers professionals intermediate, technical and higherespecially in the area engineering and buildings.

SP Jobs and Wages

SP Works offers 50 vacancies for immediate employment in addition to the formation of the reserve register; The contract regime is temporary for a period of 12 months and can be extended for an equal period according to the needs of the body.

Opportunities are spread between mid-level, technical and higher-level positions in the following areas:

average level

  • Administrative assistant – 2 vacancies + reserve registration;

Technical level

  • Construction technician – 6 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Accountant technician – 2 vacancies + reserve registration;

A higher level

  • Administrative analyst – 3 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Accountant – 2 vacancies + reserve register;
  • Architect – 8 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Civil engineer – 22 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Electrician – 2 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Hydraulic engineer – 2 vacancies + reserve registration;
  • Environmental engineer – 1 vacancy + reserve registration;

To run for one of the vacant positions, a candidate must prove the minimum education required for the position, in addition to being over 18 years old, being Brazilian, and up-to-date with electoral and military justice (for male candidates).

The salaries offered by SP Obras vary according to the desired position. the accusation Administrative Assistantfor example, has a salary BRL 2,854.94.

Level positions technician offer salaries between BRL 2,854.94 It BRL 4,220.49for the posts of Accounts Technician and Building Technician respectively.

For level notes highersalaries vary BRL 7,223.42for the positions of administrative analyst and accountant and BRL 8,851.00for the positions of architect and engineer.

In addition to the monthly salary, candidates approved in the SP Obras selection process will still be able to count on the following: the benefits:

  • Food vouchers with a nominal value of BRL 32.93 per day, 22 of which are daily, for a total of BRL 724.46 per month;
  • Food stamps in the amount of R$ 441.29;
  • Group life insurance and family funeral assistance;
  • Health plan reimbursement according to the SPObras participation table;
  • Dental plan;
  • General or long-distance transport voucher;
  • Statutory benefit for those living outside the city of São Paulo.
  • Other benefits provided by the current collective agreement-ACT.

SP Works writings

Those who want to participate in the selection process SP Works must complete the application available at this link.

The deadline for filling out the form is From July 7 to July 21, 2022, 2022

No application fee will be charged from the candidates.

Steps in the Selection Process SP Works

Candidates included in SP Obras selection process will be selected through evidence valuation of securitiesnature of elimination and qualification.

The candidate’s educational level, specialization courses (postgraduate, master’s and doctoral) will be taken into account in the calculation of points for the candidate’s participation in congresses, trainings, seminars and symposia.

During the selection process, the candidate’s work experience and professional experience will also be evaluated.

Candidates ranked in the position evaluation will be interviewed by the area director to which the position belongs to complete the selection process.

Click here to read the full announcement and check the full timeline of the selection process as well as nominations for the positions.

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