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SpaceX gets license to launch 7,500 satellites in US

Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile in his carrier’s T-shirt; Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX (Credit: T-Mobile/YouTube)

The FCC approved the launch of 7,500 SpaceX satellites that will be part of a constellation of more than 30,000 devices in Starlink low orbit. In the decision issued last Thursday, the 1st, the regulator approved one part and postponed the other part of the decision to issue the license.

In May of this year, Elon Musk’s satellite connectivity provider reported that it had 2,500 satellites in operation with a license for 4,400, in a first-generation model. The company has moved forward with providing connectivity to rural and remote areas in the US, in addition to partnering with T-Mobile for cellular satellite connectivity in August of this year.

Operating in the Ka and Ku bands, the satellites in this new cluster will be SpaceX’s second generation and will be between 524 km and 534 km from Earth. According to the FCC, Musk’s company’s satellites will expand satellite broadband coverage to all Americans.

It’s worth recalling that rivals such as Viasat and Kuyper (Amazon) filed complaints against SpaceX’s expansion with the FCC over “security risks in space” and “high collision risk of low-orbit satellites.”

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