Spain and Great Britain suspend train lines due to high temperatures

Railway Administrator SpainRENFE has suspended services between two locations in the northwest of the country on Monday morning (18) due to a fire near the railway.

Footage on social media, taken from inside one of the carriages, shows the train coming to a halt with concerned passengers as they find themselves engulfed in flames on either side of the car.

The suspension applies to all trains on the Madrid-Galicia route and will remain in effect until further notice from the company.

THE: CNN: contacted RENFE but did not receive an immediate response.

The company has organized an alternative road route between Zamora station and Sanabria in the Castilla y León region for passengers whose trains have already left their stations.

“The actions taken by RENFE are aimed at maintaining the safety of the service and guaranteeing the integrity of passengers,” he said in a statement.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez said that more than 70,000 hectares were destroyed by fires in Spain this year.

“You can imagine that 70,000 hectares is almost twice the average of the last decade. So far this year we have had 11 major fires,” he said.

Almost the entire country faces the risk of fire, with many regions now classified as “extremely” hot, according to Spain’s state meteorological agency (AEMET).

On Monday, Spain faced the eighth of a heat wave lasting more than a week, which has caused more than 510 heat-related deaths, according to the latest figures from the Carlos III Health Institute.

UK closes East Coast Motorway

Like Spain, Great Britain It also announced that a major East Coast train line would be suspended on Tuesday (19) due to high temperatures hitting the island nation.

With the Met Office on red alert for “extreme heat”, Network Rail has decided to close the line for all locations between London King’s Cross and York and Leeds.

According to the company, extreme heat can cause the track to expand, meaning it can bend and bend, making train operation unsafe.

“We are warning you not to travel on Tuesday 19 July,” warned a statement from Network Rail.

“The closure will be in effect from 12pm to 8pm and the morning skeleton service will be in place. This comes amid forecasts of record temperatures and a national emergency to be declared early next week.

According to the company, the temperature will significantly exceed what the infrastructure is designed for.

“Please change your trip to another day or refund if possible. Conditions on other routes will be closely monitored for possible service changes. There will be additional response personnel on the network to respond to incidents, but the heat also makes working conditions difficult for them,” he adds.

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