Spanish citizenship. The Law of Grandchildren makes documentation easier for Brazilians

Spanish citizenship made easy. This month, the Law of Democratic Memory, known as the “Law of Grandchildren,” went into effect in Spain, which will make it easier for Brazilians to obtain citizenship.

It will benefit the children and grandchildren of Spaniards who left the country during the Franco regime and the civil war that devastated the country in the 1930s.

Three audiences are directly covered by the new standard:

  • People who have Spanish fathers, mothers or grandfathers who were exiled for political, ideological, faith or identity reasons;
  • Children born abroad to Spanish women who lost their citizenship by marrying foreigners before the entry into force of the 1978 constitution.
  • And children of legal age of Hispanics whose citizenship was recognized by the Democratic Remembrance Act of 2022 or the Historical Remembrance Act of 2007.
  • How to get Spanish citizenship?

Interested parties must formalize the application for Spanish citizenship within two years of the start of the law, this October, i.e. by October 2024.

repair the damage

The new law provides for various measures to repair the damage caused by the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime.

Among the main innovations is the obligation that the state should lead the search and identification of the disappeared.

The law also encourages the creation of a national DNA bank for victims of war and dictatorship, in addition to declaring the Francoist courts illegal and overturning their convictions.

The measure puts victims at the center of public action, giving them the right to a declaration of recognition and personal reparation.

The norm also envisages the promotion of research related to historical memory and that related content be included in the various stages of school education.

In addition, it establishes an obligation to remove traces of the Franco regime and plans to eliminate foundations that apologize for Francoism and actions that involve the belittling and humiliation of the victims in question.

Tribute to victims and exiles

Two official commemorations are also observed: October 31, when all victims are to be honored, and May 8, the day chosen to honor those who were forced into exile.

Another important topic concerns sanctions.

According to the new rule, the state will be able to impose fines from 200 euros to 150,000 euros, depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past

The legislation, which condemns the 1936 military coup and Franco’s regime, restores the damage done to the victims and their descendants, but is also a way to ensure that historical events like the one Spain experienced last century are not repeated.

Spanish government minister Félix Bolaños said the new law is “a rule that calls for freedom against repression, democracy against dictatorship and recognition against oblivion”.

He reminded that the package of measures comes a decade late.

Bolaños said the idea is to close the wounds once and for all.

Spanish dual citizenship is the third most common among Brazilians, and the new law on grandchildren will make it easier to obtain Spanish citizenship – Photo: reproduction / Wise

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