Spaten is looking for time travelers

The Internet always brings a new meme of a person who, surprisingly, looks a lot like someone from the past and would therefore be a time traveler. It is on this “skill” that Spaten is looking for its new influencers. After all, for a beer that has passed through time, nothing fairer than having influencers who have done the same.

With a history spanning nearly 700 years, the brand has chosen nine works from the past and is now looking for nine lucky people who most closely resemble them to give them 700 Spaten for a year and toast with friends. GUT São Paulo, an independent global agency, is signing the campaign.

To participate, simply post a personal photo on your own open profile on Twitter or Instagram together with one of the photos of the works selected by Spaten – tagging the profile @spaten_br (Instagram) or @spatenbr (Twitter), with the hashtag # SpatenNotOfToday. The winners will be chosen by the brand itself in the categories: similarity and creativity. The initiative lasts from December 14 to 20.

And if everyone already thought they looked like some old picture, some artists, actresses, actors and influencers have already jumped into it, such as Fernanda Paes Leme, José Loreto, Ana Clara Lima, Camila Queiroz, Jeniffer Nascimento and Thiago Oliveira.

Joice Carvalho, Marketing Manager at Spaten, says:

“We want to show how Spaten has passed through time with actions that increasingly emphasize our brewing experience and expertise. All this brings us even closer to consumers in a creative and unexpected way.”

Tiago Abreu, creative director of GUT São Paulo, says:

“The campaign starts with a constant social insight to present Spaten as a beer that has crossed the centuries – which is one of its main characteristics. The campaign is an invitation to the public to be part of this story.”

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