Spatial chaos costs each of us PLN 2,200 per year. We all know these problems. Can something be done about it?

Spatial chaos is nothing but the lack of reasonable planning of the cities in which we live. As experts have calculated, we all pay for this mess, and quite a bit. Every day we face problems arising from chaos: traffic jams on the way to work, new residential areas without any shops and services, or advertisements littering the city.


Cities are built by speculators, each in his own piece, not caring about general needs. This is where ugly, disconnected fragments arise – like the stupidity of a moron. Looking at situational photos of the city, it is often surprising that sane people allowed their fellow speculators to develop such nonsensical monstrosities.
– Ignacy Drexler, “Renovation of villages and towns…”.

This is how the outstanding urban planner Ignacy Drexler described the situation in Poland in 1921. If the latest report of the Polish Economic Institute is to be believed, more than 100 years later these words still hold true.

Is spatial chaos a significant problem? Most of us would probably say no. Meanwhile, according to experts Spatial chaos creates costs of as much as PLN 84.3 billion every year. That’s more than double what the government spends annually on the 500 plus program (PLN 41 billion). If you divide these costs by the number of inhabitants, it turns out that each of us pays PLN 2,200 per year for poor city planning. And we actually pay, because it is, among other things, the costs incurred by municipalities and state administration, which we maintain from our taxes.

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