Spotify introduces results and new streaming tools

During Stream On, the platform announced that it had surpassed 500 million monthly listeners

Spotify unveiled its news for 2023 during Stream On, the hybrid streaming platform event, which took place this Wednesday (8).

During the presentation, the platform celebrated more than 500 million monthly active listeners and publicly announced new features such as smart shuffle, podcast previews and playlists.

In addition, Spotify has also introduced an update to its monthly music royalty report. In a new document, the platform found that the number of artists earning more than a million dollars and those earning more than $10,000 doubled in the last five years.

Another update presented at the event was related to monetization tools for podcasters and publishers, such as the Spotify Audience Network (SPAN) implementation announced at Stream On 2021.

According to the company, since the launch of the tool, the monthly payment for publishers who choose to join the initiative has increased by almost 50%, and the participation of advertisers has increased by 500%.

In addition, the number of independent and enterprise podcasters using SPAN has grown by more than 700% in the past two years.

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