Spotify is changing its look after many years. Like TikTok

For years, Spotify was just a music streaming service. Its main profile hasn’t changed, but it’s now also a podcast listening app. Another big change is coming.

The biggest evolution in years

Spotify is now worldwide 500 million users. That’s more than any other video streaming site. What direction do its creators want to go in now? Well, they intend to make it easier to watch video podcasts. However, for this you need to make a big change to the main screen of the app.

Restoring an item that hundreds of millions of people view every month is no easy task. On the one hand, you need to keep things simple and familiar to users, and on the other hand, introduce something fresh.

Spotify is moving away from a grid of album art and playlists in favor of an endless feed similar to TikTok’s news feed. This way, app users will see much more interactive content.

What will be in the new flow of information? We will find there preview music, shows, podcasts, audiobooks and other content, which users will be able to view, save and share.

An important element of the changes is the new instrument Smart shuffle. At our request, it will change the order of the playlists and suggest new songs to the user in an even more precise way – of course, all this based on the previous activity of the music lover.

When should we expect Spotify changes?

The company did not specify exact dates for the introduction of individual elements of the new home screen. At the Stream On event, it was only stated that some new features are already available on Spotify, while others will have to wait a few months.

We guess the tiktok scrolling style is coming to Spotify as one of the latest updates. You will have to switch to a new style and adapt your habits!

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