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Sprinkle the bananas with rice and add a pinch of spices. What you end up with is delicious and keeps you full for a long time

Do you want a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast? We have the perfect recipe for you. Its preparation will take you only a few moments, and such a meal will have a great effect on your body.

Banana is a fruit that has many minerals and many vitamins. There is no doubt that it is good to eat them regularly. If you add rice to a banana, it will not only be more filling, but also simply healthier. Such a mixture will allow you to enjoy the excellent taste from morning to afternoon, because after that you will definitely not feel hungry.

A delicious combination of rice and banana

First, put 6 sliced ​​bananas in a bowl, then add a small bowl of rice. Put everything in a pot and add water (so that the banana and rice are under the surface).

Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a little nigella and cook everything for about 20 minutes, covered. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until the mass gets a homogeneous consistency. Strain the cocktail through a sieve and you’re done. Now add your favorite toppings like walnuts, cranberries, a few drops of lemon. Such a cocktail can successfully replace 1 meal.

Useful properties of rice and bananas

Banana provides the body with many minerals, contains a large dose of potassium, and is also a source of magnesium, calcium, iodine and phosphorus. They also have vitamins C, B6, A, E and K. They also contain easily digestible sugars that provide quick energy.

In turn, rice has B group vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, folic acid). It is also the most easily absorbed grain by our body. It has a good effect on digestion and anti-diarrheal properties. In addition, it regulates blood sugar levels. Moreover, it contains a significant amount of protein and is practically fat-free.

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