Squash is as good as squash! Check when to sow pumpkin and what it needs. You will brother all summer

Zucchini is a delicious vegetable that is sometimes equated with zucchini. However, in cultivation, these plants are singled out and seeds and pumpkins and squashes are sold. We suggest when to sow zucchini and what conditions to ensure that they grow well. This plant is worth having, as it can produce delicious crops throughout the season.


Squash is a type of pumpkin, just like zucchini. And that’s where the problems begin, because squash and zucchini are often confused. In some regions of Poland, only the name squash or just squash is used, sometimes one describes an overgrown fruit, and the other – a smaller one. In fact, both zucchini and squash have many varieties that may be similar to each other, but are botanically isolated. Plants differ in their habitus – pumpkins have longer and more creeping shoots, zucchini – more compact and bushy.

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Zucchini seeds are on sale and it is worth starting cultivation from them. We will pay an average of 2.5 to 3.5 PLN for a packet of seeds, and under the right conditions, the plants will produce crops from June/July to autumn.

Pumpkins grow well sown directly in the ground, but if we want to harvest as early as possible, prepare seedlings at home. Gourds for seedlings it is enough to sow in the second half of April because they grow quickly. Two seeds are placed in the container at a depth of approx. 2 cm. A weaker plant will have to be removed. It is very important that pumpkins, like other pumpkins they do not tolerate exaggeration. Therefore, it is worth sowing them in individual pots (diameter 8-10 cm), preferably peat pots or others that decompose in the ground and you don’t have to take seedlings out of them. Pumpkins are planted in the ground after about a month, that is, at the transition from May to June. You have to wait until it warms up and the temperatures stabilize because these plants are sensitive to cold.
If we don’t have a place to make seedlings at home, we can sow the squash immediately in rows. But let’s wait patiently until the 10th-20th. May. It is also worth sowing two seeds and leaving only the stronger seedling (sowing depth is 2-3 cm). These plants need a lot of space, they are planted at a distance of 80×100 cm.

If we want to have a successful harvest of zucchini, let’s plant them sunny placepreferably protected from the wind. They also need to provide fertile and humus soil, feed them with compost and granulated manure (don’t forget that fresh is used only in autumn). Basalt flour will also work.

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