SSP-AM and PMAM are strengthening the work of the police in the central area of ​​Manaus

By writing 4 March 2, 2023 at 3:20 p.m

Amazonas – The Secretariat of Public Security of Amazonas (SSP-AM), this Thursday (02/03), launched an integrated operation between public security authorities to fight drug trafficking, murders and other crimes in the area south of Manaus, focusing on the center of Manaus and Japiim quarter, in the south of the city. The operation was performed simultaneously on both points.

The commander of the southern battalion, Lt. Col. Otacicleide Pereira, explained that the operation aims to restore a sense of security in this area of ​​the Population Center, especially for traders who denounced the presence of criminals operating in the area. In addition, it seeks to return public space to the local population, since Praça dos Remédios was dominated by drug addicts.

“This operation is due to the needs of the population of the central area of ​​Manaus and the residents of the residential areas of the Japiim district. The goal is to suppress crime, and especially in the central part to suppress the drug trade, which damaged the dealers in that area, and even made it impossible for the faithful to attend mass,” reported the lieutenant colonel.

Approaches and increased patrols were carried out simultaneously in both areas, but according to the lieutenant colonel, the action should take place periodically in order to strengthen the sense of security of the population in those areas.

“It is a continuation, we have been working on these actions for several months and from now on we will intensify them. After the Karneval campaign, we continue with increased police surveillance in these areas,” he said.


The action, coordinated by the SSP-AM, takes place in an integrated manner between the Amazon Military Police (PMAM), the Amazon Civil Police (PC-AM), the Deputy Executive Secretariat for Operations (Seaop) and the State Department of Transport (Detran-AM). ) and the Municipality of Manaus.

The lieutenant colonel informed that the city hall acted with the participation of members of the Municipal Secretariat for Public Cleaning (Semulsp), which acted to remove debris and garbage left by drug users, who used Praça dos Remédios as a point of drug consumption.

PHOTOS: Carlos Soares/SSP-AM

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