Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – what is already known?

Expected by all fans of the George Lucas universe, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is to offer up to 5 different types of lightsaber combat. Importantly, they are all intended to be used by players based on the opponent they face! What forms will Cal Kestis know?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is becoming more and more fascinating

After a great party Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from the players, creating a sequel was only a matter of time. Although the official release date was supposed to be revealed during this year’s The Game Awards 2022 gala, it came out a bit earlier due to a bug on Valve’s platform. While there is a difference between Steam’s reports and the official announcement, it’s only two days.

Now the developers are sharing some more detailed gameplay information with us. One of the undoubtedly more interesting revelations is this Cal Kestis uses up to 5 different forms of lightsaber combat!

Fighting styles available

Stig Asmussen confirmed during an interview with Game Informer that the studio has developed 5 different forms of lightsaber combat. Players can use any of them to defeat their opponents. However, the production does not reveal which form is suitable against which opponent.

Players will be forced to experiment and choose the form depending on the situation. What will be available? Two new stances are added to the familiar single, double-sided, and two separate lightsaber stances from the first game.

The first is a “heavy” stance inspired by Kylo Ren’s fighting style. The surviving Jedi will then have a sword similar to Kylo’s that deals great damage and slows down the hero’s movements significantly. The second, in turn, is to use a blaster and a sword at the same time.

“Will I be able to fight with a sword and a blaster at the same time? Ah, I can picture those fields of dead stormtroopers…”

What else will Jedi: Survivor offer players?

Kestis will be able to mount mounts, to move from location to location faster (suggesting that the maps will be much larger than in Fallen Order) and is equipped with a rope. This in turn should prove useful when climbing and overcoming longer distances. I wonder if it will also be possible to use it in combat?

Asmussen also confirmed the return of well-known characters (like BD-1 or Cere Junda) and the appearance of new ones. Players should pay special attention to the mercenary Bode Akuna, as he seems to play a pretty important role.

between him [Bode Akuną] and Cal will form a special bond. They become brothers who (…) complement each other despite their differences (…).
Stig Asmussen, Game Master Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Can’t wait for March 17th and new gameplay reveals!

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