Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will not be late – assures a well-known journalist

Jeff Grubb announced & lstrok ;, & zdot; e Star Wars Jedi: Survivor & lstrok; y is well on its way to the premiere. EA is reportedly preparing a short & aogon; campaigns & eogon; marketing & aogon;

As promised by the creators, the title & lstrok; should debut & cacute; next year. Players will be upset & lstroke; however, there is no information or new promotional material. Dose & eogon; good knowledge & sacute; you brought & lstrok; Luckily, Jeff Grubb – a known leaker – made sure the game’s production ran smoothly.

They [EA] May & aogon; plan. & Aogon; this is it & cacute; in December and go straight to & aogon; at the premiere. No problems at the moment. Who knows what & sacute; mo & zdot; e si & eogon; it will change & cacute ; but now there is no problem – says & lstrok; reporter for Game Mess Mornings.

Grubb nawi & aogon; for & lstrok; by the way, in the Polish language, according to which Star Wars Jedi: The Survivor & lstrok; hopefully hit & cacute; already on the market in March. If & sacute; if the company really plans to launch & aogon; & cacute; campaigns & eogon; marketing & aogon; in December, this is the release date & lstrok; that’s you & eogon; very possible.

Title & lstrok; is still on track for a March premiere. As we’ve said all along, just as Electronic Arts has reported all along in its Investor Relations Reports – the big partnership game is coming.

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