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Stasiak vs. Ruchala Full Results

Damian Stasiak and Robert Ruchala, KSW 75 weighed Credit: KSW.

After losing just a few days of mainstream battles, the KSW 75 looked like a very different card on Friday.

That said, Robert Ruchala’s unbeaten talent is best tested. At least on paper, when he takes on Damian Stasiak in the KSW 75 featherweight main event with seven wins as a pro under his belt to start the night, Ruchala has won four in a row under the banner of the “Fourth of the Year”. KSW, having won two submissions and two more fights that went the distance.

Despite the defeat, former UFC fighter Stasiak experienced more than double his undefeated innings.

Also on Friday’s card, former UFC champion Daniel Omielanczuk featured, while another UFC alumnus Luis Henrique Da Silva toppled former champion Tomasz Narkun in the heavyweight title.

KSW 75 will take place on Friday 14 October 2022 at Amfiteatr Park Strzelecki in Nowy Sacz, Poland. The event was broadcast live via — full results can be seen below.

KSW 75: Stasiak vs. Ruchala match result

Damian Stasiak vs. Robert Ruchala
Michal Martinek vs. Daniel O’Mealanchuk
Tomasz Narkun vs. Luis Henrique da Silva
Adam Soldaev with Oleksii Polischuck
Adam Tomasik vs. Madalin Pervulescu
Yann Liasse vs. Adrian Gralak
David Martinik vs. Kamil Szkaradek
Adriana Kreft vs. Petra Castkova

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