Steven Spielberg regrets the influence of Jaws. The shark population suffered

Director Steven Spielberg frankly admitted, ""&l likes what’s going on; happened after the premiere of the movie “Jaws”. The production has allegedly contributed to increased shark attacks and the reduction of the white dogfish population &l&l;

Jaws & Tails debuted in 1975 and tells the story of &lstrokes. hunting a shark that lurks near the fictional Amity Island. The thriller quickly gained an audience and won as many as three Oscars. In addition, the film will introduce the then 27-year-old Spielberg to the group of the most outstanding specialists in the field of directing. The director, however, believes that the production will cause an obsession with ę and fear of sharks.

– Mojślę, że sharks are on me in some way in&lstroke&lstroke for the post&lstroke madness that happened after 1975. To this day, I really regret the decimation of the shark population because of the book and the movie – said Spielberg in an interview with the BBC radio, referring to the novel “Jawstails” by Peter Benchley, on the basis of which the show was created.

Universal Pictures has decided after many years to renew “Jaws” digitally.

The fact is, according to research, in the years 1986-2000, in the northwestern Atlantic, there was a drop in the population of, among others, żar&lstrokes; white&lstrokes by about 79 percent. Let us remind you that “Jaws” earned about 472 million dollars from ticket sales, and according to various estimates, it is speculated that the budget produced only 7 million dollars. The title was followed by three sequels: Jaws 2 in 1978, Jaws 3 in 1983 and Jaws 4. Vengeance in 1987.

It is worth recalling that Spielberg has recently been heavily criticized by streaming platforms such as HBO Max for its publishing strategy. The director does not like it, ˙the premieres of big titles are held at the same time in the cinema and in streaming, which his colleagues from the industry.

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