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Stevie Ray hopes to take PFL to Scotland Shows how crazy Scottish fans are.

When Stevie Ray returns to the PFL 2022 Championship this November He will fight with anyone other than Anthony Pettis for change.

It wasn’t that one-on-one fights with the former WEC and UFC lightweight champions bother Ray, he told Cageside Press in a recent exclusive interview.

“I enjoyed two fights with Pettis,” said Scotland’s Ray (25-1), who will face Olivier Aubin-Mercier. In the million dollar final on November 25, “I love it. I have the opportunity to show everyone that I can beat him not just once. but twice But it’s nice to have a new opponent.”

It wasn’t a perfect season for Ray, returning from retirement to join the PFL’s 2022 season. He lost his first fight back to Alex Martinez and had to fight back for Pettis’ victory.

“That was my first fight after two and a half years of termination. drop that one Doesn’t play very well Then I had a second chance with Pettis,” Ray noted. “As far as I can see I have nothing to lose I’m fighting superstars He’s a big guy, big name, so I saw it as an opportunity. There is nothing to lose.”

Of course, Ray sent Petts and then “got the rematch right away. beat him again And we have arrived,” he said. The rest is history.

Opposite Stevie Ray on the cards for PFL’s 2022 Championship in New York City is Canadian Olivier Aubin-Mercier. “I believe I can stop him. He was never stopped, but again, he never fought with Stevie Ray,” the Scottish fighter said of the match. “I know I’m dangerous. and i can stop him But even so, let’s just say. he is stubborn To be honest, I’ll take anything. I will decide whether to win, knock out or surrender, I know I can win all three. I will take you and who will you take?”

When the PFL has played in England this year and the expansion of Europe at a high level Ray hopes he will fight at home for a promotion someday.

“I want to bring the PFL to Scotland so the PFL can see how crazy the Scots are.”

Watch our full interview with Stevie Ray’s lightweight PFL above. The PFL 2022 Championship takes place November 25, 2022 at the Hulu Theater in New York, NY.

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