STF. GREAT NEWS for INSS Pensioners!

you INSS pensioners (National Institute of Social Security) can celebrate because they had great news after STF (Federal Supreme Court) decision in December 2022. lifetime review in favor of pensioners.

This means that payments made before the actual plan (July 1994) can be included in the Social Security calculation. So many retirees will be able to have a a significant increase in the value of their pensions.

In 1999, a rule was created that excluded actual plan contributions from Social Security calculations, to the detriment of taxpayers. However, the STF questioned the rule because it stated that beneficiaries could include past payments if there was an advantage to receiving the benefit.

The decision was made in December 2022 and was approved by policyholders with 6 votes to 5. Therefore, the beneficiaries should now be aware of the changes and understand who has the right to appeal or not. Check out all the information below.

What is Lifetime Revision for INSS Pensioners?

THE: lifetime review aims to revalue INSS pensions to bring more benefits to the insured person. This is because the inclusion of investments made before the actual plan can have a positive effect on the monthly benefit amount.

However, this is not automatically implemented by social security. Thus, pensioners who received their first benefit payment between November 29, 1999 and November 12, 2019 (last day before social security reform) may require revision.

It is also worth noting that the pensioner has up to 10 years to request a review from the date of receipt of the first payment. That is, if you received your first installment of benefit in March 2013, you can request a review until April 2023.

Is it worth asking for a review?

Lifetime revision is great news for INSS pensioners. However, a case-by-case analysis is important, as revaluation may not benefit all beneficiaries.

Check below in which situations a lifetime review can be beneficial for beneficiaries:

  • If the taxpayer made less contributions to the INSS after 1994, compared to previous years;
  • If the taxpayer had a higher salary before 1994, as this may increase the average salary for contributions.
  • If the taxpayer had a lower salary after the actual plan was implemented, resulting in a lower pension under the 1999 rule.

Therefore, it is important to know your investment history in detail before applying for a life review.

It is recommended that you research with a specialized lawyer pension law. Thus, your case will be analyzed separately and you can be sure that you will really benefit from making the request.

I retired after Social Security reform, am I entitled to a lifetime review?

Finally, it should be noted that someone who retired after Social Security reform will also be able to request a review. However, only in exceptional cases.

Only pensioners who have already met all the minimum requirements for retirement by November 12, 2019, but decided to apply for the benefit only after the reforms, can request a review.

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