São Paulo is a champion in robberies and cell phone theftsEntertainment 

Stolen mobile phones are sold in broad daylight in downtown PS

Operation Sufoco reduced the theft of these devices by 20%, but the sale still continues at points in the city.

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São Paulo recorded more than 289,000 mobile phone robberies and thefts in 2020

reporting team at News of New Pan captured the ease with which so-called “cold cell phones,” the name given to stolen goods, can be purchased by anyone in. São Paulo. On Rua Glicério, located in the Liberdade neighborhood, cables, batteries, chargers and mobile phones are laid out on a cloth and traded illegally in broad daylight. The report even negotiated a cell phone and, when asked if the device had an ID, the seller assured that the cell phone was in fact “cold.” The ID is a unique identification number for each mobile phone, when the device is stolen criminals change the code so that the device cannot be traced.

Some mobile phones are sold without batteries, but the sellers have a very elaborate scheme and show other dealers of stolen goods selling the accessories. For retired military police colonel and former national security secretary José Vicente da Silva, the sale of these cell phones encourages theft and warns that whoever buys the devices is also committing an illegal act: “It’s a big market because there’s a large audience for it.. Finally we can find and verify possible locations where the sale of cell phones of criminal origin is concentrated”. Governor Rodrigo Garcia said that Operation Sufoco, which began on May 4, reduced the theft of cellphones by 20% and the seizure of these devices increased by 70%.

However, the colonel believes that greater police action is needed to curb the sale of these devices. “The places that are already quite popular, as they say, in the region of Santa Efigênia, are the ones where these mobile phones are sold and offered, but when you walk around the region we see a large amount of products of criminal origin and smuggling. “Unfortunately, the police are not cracking down on these places, which have become an excellent place for buying and selling products of criminal origin.” Cell phones are the main attractions of criminals, but chains and necklaces are not overlooked by them either. In general, thefts in Avenue Paulista increased by 32% according to a survey conducted by Jovem Pan News, with data from the State Department of Public Safety. In 2021 there were 366 cases and this year 486 have already been registered.

*With information from reporter Camila Yunes

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