Stop wasting time and grab Google’s mid-range Pixel 6a at its Black Friday price right now

The biggest shopping days of the year aren’t technically another month or so away, but that’s hard to imagine. Google’s mid-range Pixel 6a king could become even cheaper than it is today on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2022.

In fact, one of the few major US retailers currently charging $150 less than usual for this extremely well-reviewed 6.1-inch unlocked Android phone is specifically listing the new deal as a Black Friday deal. , available for an admittedly limited time this week before the real holiday shopping next month.

Unlike Best Buy, Amazon isn’t yet ready to make promises about the lowest price the 5G-capable Pixel 6a will hit in the near future, but today’s exclusive 33% discount with no strings attached and no special subscription requirements overshadows e-commerce giant Prime exclusive offer from just a few weeks ago.

This obviously means that the first-generation Tensor-powered device with dual 12MP rear cameras, launched just three months ago at a suggested retail price of $449, is now more affordable than ever, beating out all its rivals for the title the best budget phone in the US in terms of value for money.

With the same stellar software support as its non-branded cousins, including guaranteed timely OS promotions until July 2025, and more than respectable hardware, The Pixel 6a is a positively dreamy mid-range phone, even for people who might not like the ‘pure Google’ user experience… and inherent errors that come with it.

There simply isn’t a smartphone as insanely cheap as this one Android 13 now, with such good photography gear, solid battery life, flawless durability and even (decent) fast charging. If you hurry, you can choose from all three color options (namely Chalk, Charcoal and Sage), with a generous 128GB storage configuration available almost anywhere in the country.

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