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Barbara Saccitiello

March 3, 2023 – 6:01 am

Artex bedding, which is used at BBB, is sold in the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores and also through e-commerce and over-the-counter (Credit: Post)

In addition to being Globo’s main commercial product at the beginning of the year, The BBB plays an important role as another source of income for the group. For the third year in a row, Globo offers viewers and fans of the program the opportunity to buy bedding, decorative items, bags and other items that participants use at home.

In Globo’s opinion, the desire for a house and objects that are part of reality is part of the journey that turns the viewer into a consumer, making him feel like he belongs to the universe BBB.

There are eight different licensed lines in this current edition of the reality show, according to Vivianne Banharo, head of relationship marketing and licensing at Globe.


BBB 23: Seara, Stone and TikTok are the most prominent brands

They are production partners of the licensee BBB brands Artex (bed linen), Hio Decor (outdoor furniture), Neon Types (led lamps), PB Arts (sculptures), Signora (pillows, aprons and tea towels), Baggaggio (trunks, backpacks and toiletries), Go Case ( masks for phone) and Fotoploc (sticker album).

“All products can be found in physical stores, in the e-commerce of licensed brands, in addition to the official store in Mercado Livre,” says Vivianne. Mercado Livre is one of the main sponsors BBB 23 and announced, a few weeks ago, creation of a special page for the commercialization of products that appear in the program.

Expansion strategy of BBB’s licensed products

The spokeswoman for Globa explains how the strategy of publishing articles that are part of the program works.

First, according to her, the products are presented first-hand to selected influencers, who display the products organically.

After that, all licensees have the opportunity to sell the product on a special page of Mercado Livre, expanding its distribution. And each of the manufacturers can make their own marketing campaign to advertise the product.

Vivianne also reveals that the public’s favorite licensed items this year are the presenter’s dressing gown, Artex, and the thermos, Bagaggio.

“BBB is a reality show that is loved by the Brazilian public. Many people would love to be on the show or are huge enthusiasts. As a result, these products have had better and better results,” he concludes.

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